Saturday, March 19, 2011

a Fear of the Lord message given to the IHOP community on 3/1/11

           John Mulinde of World Trumpet Mission, based in Kampala, Uganda, spoke to the entire IHOP–KC staff on Tuesday, March 1. John spoke of God’s zeal for the holiness of the believer by relating a powerful encounter he had with the Lord.

watch the video above or for better quality go to

this was a message delivered to us within 2 hour's notice. Mike Bickle canceled everything that was going on in our community (our IHOPU classes, and our 4pm Global Bridegroom Fast prayer meeting) in order for the whole community to come and hear this word. This was the email we recieved from Mike regarding the message and the urgency of it being delivered to us...

Dear IHOP family
I have spent the last hour listening to a visitation that John Mulinde had of the Lord. It is a most remarkable visitation. The Lord spoke profound things that are very relevant to IHOP right now.
John is one of the strongest voices in the Body of Christ worldwide on prayer and holiness. He spoke a few minutes at our all staff meeting yesterday at FCF.
I have never called such meeting with only a 2 hour notice. This is unusual.
John must leave for the airport at 5 PM and it will take 2 hours to hear all that the Lord spoke to him audibly etc. Most of our community will NOT see this email in time to come so please call people to make sure they see this. We will show this by web steam and will record and archive it.
We are asking all our IHOPU students and interns to join us if possible. Cancel whatever meeting you need to cancel to be there. We will start right at 3 PM with very short worship time then he will share.
With urgency,
Mike Bickle

Listen to the message and let it pierce your heart with sobriety and strengthen your determination to live a life worthy of the Lord and to please Him in every way (Colossians 1:10).